Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rewind: Detroit Red Wings

So it may not seem like it but I love going to sporting events. Love them. There is something so addicting about the energy and the intensity. So far, I have been to wrestling, lacrosse, soccer, rugby, basketball, baseball, hockey, arena football, and motor cross. One of my goals while living here in Michigan was to go to one hockey game (at least) and one baseball game. When I was in Orlando last summer, I also made it a priority to go to a Tampa Bay Rays game which was pretty awesome. I was the most excited to get to a Red Wings game because I consider hockey one of my favorite sports to watch and because this team is one of the best teams in history. One of my dearest friends here made it a point to help me out with my little wish. It turned out to be an AMAZING game and a great night.
I can't be more thankful that I have met people here that unconditionally love my quirkiness and will talk smack in parking garages when we are sitting on the fifth level after an hour of waiting to get out. Let's just stay my stomach hurt the next day from laughing so hard. Here are a few pics to document this momentous occasion from last month's game!

The End.

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