Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's Friday, I'm in Love

Have love on the brain. Specifically, love and relationships and oh my goodness, how do you stand someone for year after year after year. What makes people fall in love? What makes people do crazy things?

You get where I'm going...right?

From Pinterest
A couple was asked on their 75th wedding anniversary, what made them stay together this long. The wife turned the question over to her husband to which he sweetly replied "We never fell out of love with each other at the same time." A friend of mine was telling me this story and we kidded about when you really just want to smack your significant other with a frying pan sometimes or just hide in the woods for a few days cause you can't stand the other person but after putting all that work, effort, and love into a relationship, why would you ever give up? Why would you ever stop trying?

Personally, I think the "woo-ing" should never stop. Ever. If a guy is in a store buying beer and sees those 25 cent candy necklaces near the check out, he should grab one to bring home to his girl. If a girl is at the store and remembers her "boo thang" (new slang for honey or boo from my hilarious co-worker) had some nasty ol' holey socks at home, she picks up some more. I think the little things mean so much more than any kind of crazy expensive gifts or gestures. Small surprises equal daily sparks.

The idea of BEING LOVED is also pretty overwhelming. We take all this time and energy to find someone (or people) who can love us, put up with our quirks, moods, and attitudes, and yet still love us each and every day. When you think about it, that is an overwhelming and humbling concept. Being loved has to be one of the biggest blessings in life and also one of the scariest. This great article (linked from How Sweet It Is's post) is a reminder that we shouldn't give up on the idea that someone can love us and we can be worthy of love.

This sweet couple also celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary has some serious laughs and you know they have truly enjoyed their lives together.

He notes that someone commented that they often hold hands, and explains there's a reason for that.
"We hang on so we don't slug each other," he says, laughing.

How do you make a marriage last three-quarters of a century?
Both glance at each other across their front room.
"Keeping my mouth shut — sometimes," Wilma says, grinning.
"Humor," answers Noble. "I learned to say 'Yes dear, yes dear.'"
They share smiles.

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