Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 11: Your siblings, in great detail

This is my brother and I when I was younger:

My mom kicked him out when he was in his early teens because he was causing a whole lot of chaos and trouble. This explains their relationship and the slow process of rebuilding that they went through. My mom also had to get him out of the house because she had a little kid that was mighty impressionable.

He ended up moving around a lot and eventually lived on the streets in downtown Portland. He has had quite the early life and so we never were really that close. He would come visit but I don't remember any significant times when he would visit. For the most part, I was an only child.

Now my brother and I are siblings, not very close but supportive of each other. He lends me money when I need it and I listen to him go on and on about his aches and pains. He has a great girlfriend who I adore and they make a point to spend time with my mom once or twice a month.

He works in Beaverton at a medical testing lab like place. Hard to describe exactly what he does there but all of his co-workers like him. He is a Christian and very involved in his church. After being on the streets, he was "saved" by one or two people that took him in and supported him while he grew up. One of them was a hardcore Christian and the other is a very laid-back, hippie kind of person who he is still very close to.

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