Thursday, September 2, 2010

Who knew? Popcorn.

I have been in my new apartment for nearly a month. I have also been sans microwave for that entire time. I am a girl of ease and I fully enjoy my microwave. I love an oven too but the microwave is the best for reheating and cooking quickly.

 I was in the grocery store one day and instinctively grabbed microwave popcorn and threw it in my basket. A minute later I turned around and was thought, "Oh....right." I returned to the popcorn area and looked at my options. There was the Jiffy Pop old school aluminum shake thing but it was $3 (!!) for one serving and full of oils and fats that I do not enjoy or need. I saw the kernels but have always had an irrational fear of actually making popcorn on the stove top. I dated someone who was a genius at this and to be honest, I was always scared there would be fire or smoke when even he made it.

I said to myself "What the hay, I want popcorn!" and grabbed a cheap bag of popcorn kernels. I already had veggie oil and spray butter at home so that night I decided to just go for it.

And...I had no idea how good it was! It had been so long since I made fresh popcorn and it is so much tastier than the bagged version. I was very nervous the first time making it but when that lid came off the pot and I saw lots of puffy white popcorn underneath, I was in heaven. Here is a reenactment of the love:

Nice pot. 
Pour oil into pan. Not too much!
Pour kernels in but not too much! 
1 layer on bottom of pan, oil evenly distributed
Turn on stove. Put on lid. If no steam holes, put lid slightly ajar.
Prep the butter and bowl for popcorn.

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