Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 15: Your dreams, in great detail

So last night I had three separate dreams and they were all incredibly freaky.

1. Involved some sort of rats or vermin that scared the holy living crap out of me. I woke up pretty sick to my stomach then rolled over many times to try and forget about it. Thought about futon vs. mattress instead.

2. I kept thinking I was going to wake up late, which is what I do when I am worried about waking up for something important. I kept imagining I was getting up at 7:50am and that wasn't enough time so I was freaking out (in my dream) and when I woke up (at 3:36am) I double checked my alarm.

3. Don't remember but I believe it wasn't fantastic. 

If I were to take "Your dreams, in great detail" then I would have to say my dreams are:

1. Eventually be out of debt (not including student loans which will outlast us all). Shooting to be done with the indebtedness by 35 but hoping for much, much sooner.
2. Have a family.
3. Have an amazing job that provides me daily smiles and challenges. 
4. Travel. For the love of all, I feel the need to see this huge world.

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