Sunday, September 12, 2010

Foods of the Road Trip

My hopes of doing an eloquent and complete update of my road trip have completely evaporated. I believe the last review was somewhere through Utah and possibly into Colorado. I do know that I ate some great food though!! Let's get that going and see if I am inspired....or just hungry.

I wanted to get some of my favorite foods before leaving Oregon so I pretty much had breakfast, lunch, or dinner with people as much as possible.

Papa's Pizza Parlor's taco pizza. I worked here in high school and am completely addicted to their pizza. I can recreate this one at home but it just isn't the same! To be extra indulgent, must have with ranch dressing.
Food carts of Portland: Whiffie's Fried BBQ Pork Pie and Potato Champion's Poutine. Below is the Fried Mounds Pie which was also shared with my friend, Brittney. Poutine is really best as a drunk or hangover food but exceeded my expectations of what fries, gravy and cheese curds could taste like all together.

The most delicious chocolate chip walnut cookie from the Doubletree Club Boise. 
Amazing Phad Thai with white rice on the side and french bakery treats. 

Dinner was from the hot foods at City Market with a side of watermelon and some tea. Best mashed potatoes!
This was my splurge after a really tough day of driving through the mountains. Fresh veggies and chicken stir fry with white rice and veggie spring rolls with peanut sauce. I even sprung for a Sprite! 
Dear friend Dann made me some dinner and it was amazing. Homemade meatballs and bread. For dessert, banana cheesecake! 
My treats from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory would not last a day in the car so I had to eat them that night. It was a challenge but I conquered it. 
Country Pride truck stop somewhere in Nebraska. Very simple meal but it was perfectly done all around. 
Ok, I didn't eat the noodle. That would be ridiculous. I ate AMAZING food in Chicago but didn't actually take any pictures. Weird. I had chicken tamales, the best cinnamon rolls and greek omelette for breakfast, a lunch of caramel & cheese popcorn, dinner at a Chicago institution that I can't recall the name of, and then had a hankerin' for Indian food around 11pm that night. Delicious. 

These are going to be a little lame but.....first pancakes in my apartment! Tastefully eaten on the floor in front of my computer. 
Lunch time on campus. I ordered pizza knowing I could get at least two lunches and two dinners out of it. Here is an example of one lunch plus some grapes and an empty bottle that was previously full of iced tea. I love that pizza!

So, ya hungry yet? 


  1. I love food picture posts. Sometimes I worry that people look at my Facebook and think I must be a cow with all of my naughty dessert and breakfast posts. I get a little hungrier every day of my third trimester =)

  2. Oh I love seeing what other people eat. It is nice to know I am not the only one with my desserts and treats!