Saturday, September 18, 2010

From Razor to Reclaim

(I am on a posting role tonight....hope somewhat interesting!)

My phone, a (RED) Razor, has served me well. It started to take a turn during my last employment at nConnect because I put it in the same pocket as my name badge that had a very strong magnet attached to it. I knew that I was in trouble when my hair clip was attached to my phone and it really shouldn't have been. The battery has been draining a lot faster and sometimes I don't notice so the phone calls either never come through or I can't answer because the battery is on low. Around the time I moved, my contract came around to renewal which means I could upgrade my phone if I resigned.

My last work situation helped pay for a majority of my phone services including the upgrade to a data and text package plus more minutes. I got used to using the Internet on my phone (something very new to me) and being able to text easily. It wasn't a terribly expensive plan but once I moved here, I need to cut some expenses so there went the fancy phone package. I downgraded to fewer minutes and no data or text. This is odd considering the phone I chose though since it would make emailing, texting, Googling, and Facebooking much, much easier.

From Razor to Reclaim. 

I got the former phone because it was also free but proceeds went to the (RED) organization.After all my issues, I wanted a nice little phone that could last me for another few years. The Samsung Reclaim is all sorts of fancy in my book:

This is no ordinary phone. Designed with more eco-friendly components and packaging, you can go "green" without sacrificing the advanced features you love - full QWERTY keyboard, instant access to social networking sites and personal and work email, Sprint One Click, 2.0 MP camera, Stereo Bluetooth® and more. Visit to learn what makes Sprint a leader in environmental responsibility.


  • Made from 80% recyclable materials with 40% of the casing made from corn-based bio-plastic
  • Sprint One Click Green Tile - Instant access to eco-friendly content for every area of your life

Even the packaging is environmentally friendly and quite spiffy:


  1. New phones rock! I love the packaging on your phone. I just got the iphone 4 and it is SO annoying. I still cannot figure out how to not hang up on people when my chubby cheeks hit the screen. Tech is so wasted on people like me.

  2. Yes, the actual materials my phone is made of are also recycled so it was a bonus there. I don't know how you guys are able to talk on an iPhone. I found them so annoying the few times I did use one. Tech is wasted on me as well.