Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 13: This week, in great detail

I have a lot going on this week so I shall make a list:

  • Technically was suppose to go to a graduate student orientation on Sunday but pajamas were a much better option. Other GAs told me it was okay to miss.
  • Tuesday was the Graduate Assistant orientation with breakout sessions in student affairs and research. A lot of this was repeat of another orientation I had last week but interesting none the less.
  • Working my new fall schedule: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays. 
  • I have my first class tonight, EDLD 550: Introduction to Student Affairs in Higher Education. 
  • I have a small "procedure" in a few hours that will hopefully go well. The rest of today will be relaxing until class tonight. Scratch that. Will have to wait for another time. Frustrated.
  • I ran around like a crazy person yesterday during lunch so that I could get all of my financial affairs in order and print out class materials. I also managed to down great Indian food in under 15 minutes. Stomach very confused--usually it takes me an hour to slowly enjoy my precious Indian food. At least I have a source for butter chicken now!
  • My second class will be tomorrow night, ELP 613: Introduction to Higher Education. I have been told there is a group project but luckily I work with someone in that class and there is potential to team up with him and his friends. Eh. I hate group projects. 
  • My third class (Tuesdays) will begin next week as all classes start today, Wednesday. 
  • Friday will be a full day of work. My work right now consists of me shadowing and learning the processes. It is strange that shadowing is considered work but I really love it.
  • Providing I am feeling good by Saturday, I am donating blood Saturday morning.
  • There is a huge book sale in Ann Arbor which I might peruse if I have money in my account (limit: $15).
  • Again, if money in my account, I am going to buy something to sleep on and kitchen chairs so that I can finally use my kitchen table. Might also see about getting a microwave or a TV. One or the other, not both.
  • Somewhere in here I will be paying bills (hopefully) and paying people off. 
  • Grocery shopping will be in here so that I can stop living off of cereal and grapes. 
  • Sunday (I will count Sunday as this week) is the MTV VMAs which I am really excited about. Eminem is performing and I found a website that could possibly stream the whole show. Oh, excited.

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