Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 14: What you wore today, in great detail

So "technically" I wore this yesterday but my outfit today was very similar except that I changed to a long sleeved cardigan since it was really windy.

Cardigan ($9.99), white tank top ($5.00), pinstripe jeans ($16.00) AND brown ballet flats (probably under $10) : Mossimo from Target
Grey tank top ($3) : Old Navy
Necklace: can't remember
Cool vintage chair ($10.00) : Craigslist
(ignore pjs throw on there!)


And two recent splurges that I wanted to show off:
White linen shell ($2): Marshalls

Strapless print dress ($9.99): Target
(goes great with the purple cardigan above)

I am definitely a cardigan and jeans girl.