Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 9: Your beliefs, in great detail

Not sure how "in great detail" I am going to get but I guess I will give the best overview that I can.

I believe.... having the right to choose as long as it does not hurt anyone else. the death penalty. the legalization and taxation of marijuana. the right to choose what happens with your body including having an abortion, having your child, and adoption.
....that war never solves anything.
....that sex education should be taught in schools starting at least in middle school if not younger.
....that government and religion never go together.
....that government should be run by the people.
....that if you don't vote then you can't say shit about politics. gay marriage and fully endorse the legalization of it.
....that our current President is amazing.
....that the President should not be treated like a celebrity.
....that Jersey Shore is far more popular than it should ever be.
....that the President should never be asked about the Jersey Shore. Seriously. eating food and not having to explain why we eat it, why we don't eat it and sparking a moral/social discussion at each meal. Sometimes food is food to nourish us and that is it.
....that the US has a lot to be proud of and a lot to be ashamed of.
....the future generations need to step it up if they want to survive and make a difference in this world.
....that we all need to think outside of ourselves more often.
....I have seen the beauty of this country and am excited to see more of it in the coming years.
....Tim Gunn is amazing.
....that having children is an absolute blessing.
....people/companies that make clothing/accessories should stop making ugly things. That means you evil moo-moos and tapered leg jeans and capris. Oh, and anything with netting or webbing.
....I truly have two career passions in this world.
....anyone who hurts an animal should be hurt the same way. If you want to chain a dog up to a fence without food, shelter, or water then I hope you are prepared to live the same way.
....that having pets is an absolute blessing.
....that just because you watch television or grew up on it doesn't mean you are going to be fat, lazy, and stupid.

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