Friday, September 24, 2010

Just because I know you are dying to know what I am up to...

--Tonight was popcorn for dinner and this amazing apple crisp for dessert.
--I went to go see a lady about a couch tonight. In the boonies. I (as always) got lost but eventually found my way there. If I can fit the damn thing up the stairs and through two doorways, it is as good as mine.
--Buying the couch will mean that I have even less money.
--Buying the couch WILL also mean that my back will not hurt every morning.

--The reason I like working better than school is because work rarely ever gives you homework. I do not like, look forward to, or do my homework but when I actually get around to it, I kick its ass.
--I know I am in the right place because even though classes are hard, they are really interesting. I get a little pissed off that I can't join all of the student affairs professional organizations and I always feel like I could be learning or doing more.

--One of these days I will have health insurance. I will have this insurance strictly for the fact that I hate having to call up medical offices and beg them to give me a payment plan. Really lady, I am not trying to not pay my bill, just give me a break and a whole lot less attitude.
--I get to see a dear friend this week AND have another state on my belt. Woohoo, Ohio!
--I renewed my Netflix and it feels great. I missed it dearly.

--Absolutely everyone is talking about Fall actually coming. I know it was the first day of Fall this week but it was at least 85 here with crazy humidity so I doubted it. Today it was 84 BUT there were also huge wind gusts of 45-50MPH so that was fun. Yes, I did look crazy in my skirt and flip flops while battling to walk upright. Thank you skirt for not flying up over my head and flips for staying on my feet.

--I love Friday nights. Ya know why? Because when I go home, I have Project Runway, Grey's Anatomy and all the other shows available online just for me to watch. I make dinner (popcorn does count), get in my jammies and plop down in front of the computer for the best shows.
--I HATE that they have to have different versions of shows just for the fat people. I watched some clips from "Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss." Um, seriously? BIG BLISS. The normal people get no tag lines but apparently there is something wrong with those big girls. Even when they had that dating show for overweight people, all they would ever talk about is how much they eat, how they struggled with their weights their whole lives and how they could never feel comfortable with themselves. Skinny girls have food issues too! Oy. It just annoys the hell out of me.


  1. I think everyone with a vagina has some sort of food issues.

    I watched Project Runway last night as well. Mondo is growing on me. I couldn’t understand why Gretchen was in the top three though. I thought that dress was hideous. Maybe I’m the weirdo?

  2. I was absolutely rooting for Mondo last night. I thought Gretchen's was pretty bad as well but she just bugs the holy living crap out of me in general. I think 80% of the outfits this time were just crap! So glad Ivy got sent home instead of Valerie.

  3. Gretchen is annoying, but I think Ivy is worse. I was really happy to see her go. Plus, I don’t think she’s very creative. I’m sure she would make an amazing seamstress, but her ideas are never attractive to me. I thought Andy’s outfit was really cool. I think my favorite outfit of Mondo’s was his Jackie O win. I loved the fabric in the skirt.

  4. I think so many of the girls are catty and that makes me nuts. I watched 20 minutes of America's Next Top Model and it was just too much! Ivy was really boring--I saw that too. She did classic pieces but couldn't think outside the box. Oh yes, Mondo's Jackie O was absolutely perfect. I would wear that week's and this week's designs. I will be so sad when it is over :(