Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Day of Many Hurdles

This was my Thursday:

Go to work. Shadow the other advisors and learn that I might just remember how to be an awesome advisor. Prepare for meeting tomorrow.

Brave the new student crowds and hit up the campus post office. I nearly got ran into about five times by students looking at their phones while walking. If this were a Looney Tunes cartoon, there would have been at least one uncovered manhole and an anvil to take out the extra slow ones.

Leaving work, I notice the sky has turned a deep, evil gray color. Chaos ensues while the rain comes pouring down, hailing for a few moments, and then continues pouring creating rivers and puddles. I have now learned after being in Columbia for almost two months that it is easier to take my shoes off and walk than tread in any sort of footwear.

Almost get run over by a taxi and slightly slice a toe but eventually make it to my car. I drive home slowly, barefoot, and even manage to make it through Piggly Wiggly despite the fact that the entire left side of my body is soaked through.

Get my Piggly Wiggly card, make a killing on sales for date night dinner ingredients, and make it home in record time to shower and clean the apartment. Clean meaning hide large amount of recycling and do dishes.

Make Monica's bomb tofu taco "meat" recipe and watch "Arthur" with friend. Hilarious 80's movie and I now have a new appreciation for Liza Minnelli. Eat awesome chocolate chip cookies. Have awkward conversation.

Fight with my Roku (which I am convinced is evil and has PMS) and eventually give up on watching another movie and instead listen to the Spa channel on Pandora to calm me down.

End scene. (I actually had to look this up to see if it was "and scene" or "end scene")

Happy Friday!


  1. I've always wanted to go to a Piggly Wiggly. I just asked Andy if he'd ever been to one and he said, "Oh yeah, in Seaside!" I said "No, silly, the grocery store; not Pig-N-Pancake!" But turns out, he hasn't despite his many years on the eastern seaboard. And yay for dating! Is this the same friend from the first date?

  2. It is a pretty awesome store but here in SC, there are TONS of grocery stores so it is hard to decide between them all. I think I have now tried four or five but have a few more to go. This is the same person :)