Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday: Cravings

I have noticed that the higher my stress, the more I crave comfort...for obvious reasons. Lately that comfort has been in the form of food (resorting to old ways) but there have also been very specific cravings for things that provide comfort, relaxation, and reflection.

For example, last Friday I said out loud to myself "I really want a nap and a piece of cheese pizza" and that truly was all I needed to make me happy at that moment. Neither of them ended up happening but it was very specific.

Sunday I was craving vegetables and fruit (a sign I need to go grocery shopping) and a walk or something active outside. I have been dying to go for a hike, sweat, and do some physical exertion. Have I attempted to as of yet? No. I don't want to go hiking alone nor do I have the energy to start my Couch to 5K just yet.

Monday was not so much a craving but a ridiculous non-stop jukebox of Eminem and Whitney Houston echoing in my brain. I have come to learn that my brain has to be at least 50% song lyrics. True story. 

Yesterday was the strangest craving though..a bubble bath! I was sitting in a meeting (which was a fine example of Southern thinking vs. Northern thinking) and I randomly thought how amazing it would be to go home, get into a nice hot bubble bath, and just breathe deeply.

Any strange cravings happening for y'all lately? Food or otherwise? Do tell!


  1. Chocolate is a given, although macaroni salad is ranking pretty high at the moment. Today I had a really awesome veggie sandwich and my body seemed pretty pleased, despite waiting till lunch time to eat healthy foods.

  2. Macaroni salad is a random one! Although I have a great love of all things macaroni.