Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Charleston: Part II

So, it's been about a month since I reviewed my day trip to Charleston; how about we do part II now?

One of the things I have slowly come to realize is that I am fascinated by the tiniest details of history. When I see the brick buildings in Charleston, I think about not only the people that put those bricks up but also the cement between each individual brick, the horse and buggies that once road down the brick roads and the people who mapped out the city and even the cemeteries.

I have an odd fascination with cemeteries as well. Yep, perhaps a bit morbid but they are so serene, reflective, and beautiful in their own right. The architecture, design, and history contained within those walls and on the property is so fascinating and even a bit overwhelming. So, with that being said, I took a LOT of pictures of cemeteries and churches.

St. Matthew's German Lutheran Church is a Gothic Revival church.

 The Unitarian Church. I was actually really hoping to be able to go inside to see this beautiful view but alas, they are only open to the public on the weekends at specific times. The grounds were definitely worth the trip though. 

The Unitarian Church St. Philip's Episcopal Church, a National Historic Landmark, houses the oldest congregation in South Carolina. 

I really, really could have kept walking around just enjoying the churches and cemeteries and there is even one that I missed because my time was running short (Magnolia Cemetery) but all in all, I feel like I had such a rich experience even in my short time in Charleston. 

Part III to come!

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