Wednesday, April 17, 2013

And we are moving swiftly into those deep 30's

Celebratory post for my birthday! It was a very low-key day and I took some grainy photos to share. Exciting, right? As I get older, I notice that all I want is to enjoy the day in whatever form it takes.

 Co-worker has a cake pop business on the side and they are AMAZING! I won a free order during our Christmas gift exchange and I requested Orange Creamsicle. I still have about ten in my fridge if anyone is interested.

 Started the morning by donating blood. I try to go in every 3-4 months and it usually falls around my birthday.

  After donating, I was going to go to the zoo but a cavalcade of strollers and SUVs diverted me to the mall instead. I had a freebie Starbucks drink that I was more than happy to indulge in.

 My damages. 
To be clear, I never go to the mall, I don't particularly like going to the mall, and I don't particularly like spending money that I should be saving. I do, however, like feeling my age, looking professional, and tossing out all my old clothes from my closet. I got some majors deals and have been selling things online--otherwise this shopping extravaganza would never have happened.

Later that night, I went to dinner with two of my dear Florida friends and we ordered a little bit of everything from the Liberty menu including this Turtle Cheesecake.

 And a few presents from my mom.....

And a card from one of my students which I just happened to get the day before my birthday! 

I have to say, for my first birthday in Columbia, it wasn't too shabby. The weather here has been gorgeous so each day I wake up to light flooding in to my little apartment, slowly encouraging me to workout, take time to eat breakfast in the morning, and get a good start to the day.

Oh! And here is the update on my 31 Things to Complete Before Turning 32 List! I made some significant progress but didn't get a chance to complete everything just yet.

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