Monday, April 22, 2013

Exploring Columbia, S.C.

A few weeks back, I had to take my car in for a complete look over and then a badly needed tune-up and some brake work. I figured that I should take advantage of the fact that:

1) I was up early
2) It was a gorgeous day
3) I didn't have to work until 1pm
4) My mechanic is located right in the heart of downtown Columbia

And with those factors, I played tourist in my own city!

I find the history of the South absolutely fascinating. Down here, the history is all Civil War while I am used to Oregon Trail. The bricks and streets and cemeteries have been here since the early 1500's in some cases and all I envision are these men and women in their fine garments and fancy hats (apparently I think our country was once Downton Abbey or something) walking around on cobblestone streets and riding horses.

In the morning, after everyone has gotten to work, the city kind of quiets down. There are buses of local school children at the state house and a few businessmen in the suits grabbing coffee, but overall, it is a quiet place to be. First stop: Trinity Episcopal Church

Up next: The South Carolina State House. I had planned to go inside and take a tour but it was getting late in the day and I needed to still walk up several blocks to campus. The grounds are truly beautiful though and I do plan on taking a free guided tour one of these weekends.

And lastly, the University of South Carolina! The horseshoe in particular is a beautiful part of campus. There are always students laying out, studying, socializing, and making their way to class.

And a little pre-birthday/it's my morning off treat: Pistachio French Macron! 

I actually have some better pictures but I am currently working on a Mac and having some...issues...and lack of patience...when trying to do things that should come normally to me. Agh!

I do enjoy and value the fact that we in the South have had some wonderful weather. I know the rest of the Midwest had another appearance of snow this last week and I just can't imagine what that is like. So soon do I forget that I was in love with the snow in Michigan! For now, I will revel in being able to wear skirts, dresses, and just a light sweater during the day. Here's hoping for some more sunshine days!

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