Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Wish List

It's Friday! The last one of April, and I cannot believe it will be May in just a few short days. I feel so cliche when I say that time is flying by but there really isn't any other way to describe it!

I realized on Monday that it was the end of April. This means that the food in my fridge that is suppose to expire on 4/23 is probably ready for the garbage.
It means that summer is just around the corner.
It means that I should start getting on the ball with pretty much everything in my life right now.
Oh May, you seem so unassuming yet are full of surprises and chaos.

Here is my Friday "wish list" that would make my life a whole lot easier at the moment:

1. A partner for road tripping. I love, love travel in general and being on road trips are so much fun because you get to stop for the most random things (nature parks, world's largest something or other, weird food carts) yet going it alone is not all that fun. True, it is one less bladder to consider when getting through the long stretches in record time, but it is so much better to have someone else to share the experience with.

2. A laptop that is what I want AND in my price range. The thought of buying a computer has been a little too overwhelming but at this point, I just need to bite the bullet and get going on it.

Single Lady Cornbread Pizza from Take a Mega Bite!
3. The motivation to actually cook proper meals. I started out really strong this year with making dinners and then leftovers for lunch but somewhere within the last month, I just don't care. I am good with saltines and a pack of Justin's PB or some trail mix and a cheese stick (protein, fiber, calcium, whole grains) so something needs to change. I did make tacos and ate them for about a week. I think that is the laziest I can be while actually making a "technical" meal.

4. The motivation to continue to workout. I have been pretty consistent the last few weeks but it has been rough with my allergies and general crankiness (I know, exercise helps with crankiness). I have my gym membership for another two weeks so I plan to use the hell out of it.

5. Positivity. I find it challenging lately to find the positivity and silver lining in the world. Not just big events but the little interactions between people everyday. I see people caught up in their own little "bubbles" that they (myself, included) never take the time to notice the world around them. It might just be my frame of mind at the moment but I feel kind of sad when human interaction is lacking in the daily routine and yet we never talk or even think about it. I guess I just need a little humanity and compassion to give and to receive.

Does anyone have their own "wish list" for life? 
What is one thing that would help your world be a bit brighter?

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