Monday, January 31, 2011


I made a chocolate cake tonight. See?

I made chocolate cake because....'s Monday..
..I am almost 30 years old..
..I just can...
..I am grateful my brother is alive..
..I am ignoring the giant hole in my tooth..
..I am happy that my tax return is done..
..of the impending winter storm that is estimated to bring 10-17 inches of snow tomorrow night..
..I just finished the last season of Gilmore Girls, again..
..I have to start wearing long underwear under my pants..
..I got a sweet Valentine's package in the mail..
..I really felt like chocolate cake. 


  1. Andy constantly jokes about how I'll be getting old in less than 5 months. Oh boo... can I bet 29 a little while longer?

  2. Thanks Amy :)

    I am so ready to be done with the 20's! But it makes sense why you want to stay 29 :) Isn't he already 30??? Yeah, old man!