Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fashionable. Well, Maybe.

I have been obsessed with clothes and shoes (specifically boots) since I got here.

Actually, who's kidding? I am pretty much always obsessed with this stuff. I find such pure enjoyment and happiness when I find a good deal or something crazy unique at a thrift store. My personal style is pretty standard, maybe even borderline plain, but it suits me. I hope that once it does warm up a bit, I can try out some of the new clothes I have found over the past month.

For inspiration, I always cut out outfits, items, or stylist celebrities to take lessons from. I keep this in my closet:

With my love of Gilmore Girls, I had to put Alexis Bledel up there and of course, the amazing Tim Gunn. He would intimidate the hell out of me if he were really in my closet but just having his picture up there gives me a bit more courage. I also think about these outfits when I go shopping. As you can see, I like when basic are paired together then dazzled up with accessories. Nothing terribly flashy or risque but professional, chic, and put together is what I strive for. In my current position and stage in life, I go for practical. Professional looking but still young and comfortable enough to last an 8-hour workday plus a 3-hour night class. Here are a few of my typical, day looks for work.

Denim Trousers, Target, $16; Orange Cardigan, Old Navy , $3; Linen Shell, TJ Maxx, $3; white tank top, Target, $5

This was an attempt at trendy fashion. I ended up wearing a different top that I was more comfortable in. Boots, K-Mart, $25; Grey sweater knee-high socks, Wal-Mart, $2; Black leggings, Hot Topic, $2; Army green skirt, vintage, $3; white tank top, Target, $5; black top with ruffle, Urban Outfitters, $10

The tank top has a delicate lace/bead detail at the top that can't be seen from the photo.

I read some amazing blogs that help me get inspired to dress a bit more what I imagine myself to look like in my head.

Ohhh! And this is also a fantastic little chart about making decisions when buying clothes. Perhaps I should print this out and stick it in my oh so cute and vintage purse? Hmm.

And remember:


  1. So cute and stylish! I love the orange sweater and the boots outfit.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. My favorite outfit is the skirt with the leggings and boots. I’m sure you’re shocked =)

    I like that you wear colors. My closet makes me look like I go to funerals for a living. Reuben actually asked me if I was going through a goth phase. He was joking, but it’s kind of getting out of hand =)

  3. Hehehe....well black is a very good neutral! I pretty much have a closet full of neutrals and solid colors (grey, black, dark blue, cream) and then put in some interesting tank tops/shells to mix and match. Sometimes I feel more like a 40 year old school marm than a "hip" (oh mercy) almost 30 year old. One day, we shall get there!

  4. Oooooh I LOVE your mustard cardigan outfit with the white tank top - and what a GREAT price! Gime me mustard any day and I'll be happy!

  5. Thanks Bethany! I am equally in love with the mustard :)