Monday, January 17, 2011

Loves and Thankfulness

Even though I fighting the sickness and it is freeeeeezing outside, I decided to get some shopping done. I have this growing list of things that would be great to help my little apartment feel like home. Some things were organizational while others were comforts and a bit of fashion thrown in. I kept being very happy about very tiny, unimportant things today but it is always good to be thankful for what you have, even if it is two zippers on your winter jacket (makes trips to the potty room so so much easier).

I was happy that I had the ability to spend money today, buy some quality things and actually not feel guilty about it. I was happy to buy a third (3rd!) tub of spinach this month to further feed my green smoothie habit. I love giving smiles to people even when they looked frustrated or slightly bitchy. When they smile back, it feels even better. I love three packs of knee-high socks in cute colors and prints. I may be developing an addiction to socks now that they are a necessity here. I love finding and buying (on sale) the perfect black sweater in the softest material. I love buying gifts. I wish I had more money and more people to buy for!

I love Sam's Club (same at Costco) hot dogs. I know they aren't healthy but damn, they are tasty. I love finding cheap little treasures both in big stores and in little ones. I love that I am finally starting to feel like I am over the age of 25. I splurged on perfume (okay, an April splurge of $15) the other day and it makes me feel so much prettier to smell nice. I have strongly disliked makeup lately but finally finding good products that help my skin glow makes it all worth it.

I hope you are able to realize all the little things to be grateful for. It can be so difficult to see them sometimes when we are constantly go-go-go in this world.



  1. I developed a knee sock addiction in Korea. They used to (maybe they still do) sell them everywhere. But I never wear them in the NW. I’m saving them in case we move to an area with cold winters though. They’re just too cute.

  2. They are definitely overpowering my shorter socks now. I had one favorite pair that I noticed I was wearing way too often so I got a three-pack today which were so cute!