Monday, March 5, 2012

Get With It March

For February I had grand plans of giving up all things Starbucks and fast food. By day five, that has failed miserably. For Lent, I was thinking of giving up all "free food" including food that sits on the counter at work all day and tempts those that walk by with promises of a sugar-high. While I was in Portland, I ate what I wanted to (in moderation) because it was vacation but I really noticed my dependency on coffee and white carbs that has slowly developed over the last few months. I have willingly admitted that Starbucks has received more than its fair share of my paycheck lately and that straight up needs to stop (I am now to gold card status there).

My March goals are the follow (including Lent considerations):

1. No more caffeine. This includes all forms of coffee and soda.
2. Stay within my calorie range via It's the way the weight started going down and it needs to continue.
3. No more free work food. I can participate in the initial lunch potluck but no treats after the end of that lunch hour.
4. Workout three times per week.
5. In bed by 11pm every night and up at 6:30am on weekdays.

I should probably throw some sort of homework related item in there but....I'll do the work whether I want to or not! Only two more months to go.

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