Sunday, March 4, 2012

Seattle, Washington Visit

Early Tuesday morning after grabbing Voodoo Donuts, I headed up north to see my wonderful friends Amy & Jenn. It wasn't the best of weather but we made the best of it! I was super excited to finally meet one of Amy's little ones who was born while I was away. Her girls are absolutely adorable! It was great to catch up with everyone and after some chatting, we did a quick walk around the neighborhood then hit up a great little Mexican place.

Amy & I
Jenn & Calista
Miss Chloe
Such a wonderful visit! I was able to meet up with the ladies the next day in Seattle to do a little tourism. Amy & the girls are moving to Arizona later this year and so they need to get their fill of the Seattle city life. We hit up the first Starbucks store, Pike Place Market, and saw the Gum Wall. Ewww. That wall is kind of gross but oddly fascinating. The weather say the least. I was super impressed that everyone kept their happy faces on despite almost being blown down the street. Lunch at the Athenian was the perfect thing to perk us up and keep our tummies filled. Beautiful water view, too! After the Seattle trip, Amy took me around base to find me a husband to let me see some of the beautiful buildings and the hospital where the girls were born. It was the perfect little visit!

Just chillin' in the alley of gum
First Starbucks store in Seattle
The snowy/rainy drive home

Seattle, you haven't changed one bit since I was there almost 10 years ago!

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