Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lusting After Something Hot

Well I would take it iced, too. Day 7 of no coffee/no caffeine March. I'm in serious withdrawals. Everyone I have told so far about my need to ween myself of coffee and all things caffeine look at me like I am crazy. So...apparently graduate school is an enabler for the dependency on caffeinated beverages! They should really team up, they could take over the world.

Anyway, it is only Day 7 and with this new diet change my sleep habits must change to compensate. Lucky for me, I have just barely more than a month left until my school work will be done and then in about 1.5 months, I will present my portfolio that concludes my program and decides if I should graduate.

For some reason, the buying of the cap and gown is really starting to freak me out. Why? Even I'm not entirely sure. In my undergraduate graduation I got emotional because I was mostly in disbelief that it was happening but I also noticed the other people on the stage with their fancy ribbons and dressings. Ours was so plain and simple: black robe, black hat, orange tassel with the gold "2009" dangling. For the graduation in a masters program, you have a more elaborate gown, cap, and you also get a hood.

From wikipedia:
"The masters' gown sleeve is oblong and, though the base of the sleeve hangs down in the typical manner, it is square cut at the rear part of the oblong shape. The front part has an arc cut away, and there is a slit for the wrist opening, but the rest of the arc is closed. The shape is evocative of the square-cut liripipe incorporated into many academic hoods (see, below). The master's gown is designed to be worn open or closed"

"The colorful hood of each university is reserved for those who attain the highest academic degree beyond the bachelor's degree. It is a special part of academic regalia and denotes scholarly and professional achievements."

Fancy, right? And let me tell you, I am glad they have videos and how-tos on how to wear a hood cause they are not quite as simple as one might expect. In due time, dear April, in due time...

Not sure how I got from coffee to graduation but I guess that shows you what is on my mind at the moment and will be for at least the foreseeable future. That, and looking up apartments in every city that has a higher education institution with an academic advising position. I had another interest call today but decided that I don't think I can live in the city that the school is in. I am placing a high premium on not only the position and school but also my quality of life as a single 30-something year old female. I have always known that I think to much but I swear this time that it will pay off!


  1. ah! i stopped drinking coffee and that sign made me want some. sigh.

    1. Stopped for good or just for a little while? It is such a hard habit to break!