Friday, March 30, 2012

March Reflect, April Look Forward's almost the end of March and I thought I should reflect on my March goals. Um, well, here is where you can just imagine by sheepish grin and sarcasm when I say March wasn't what I expected.  Here is what went on:

My March goals are the follow (including Lent considerations):
1. No more caffeine. This includes all forms of coffee and soda.     I stuck to this up until Monday of this week when I needed some caffeine to get through an interview and enjoyed a small coffee before a long day of professional development. Otherwise, I stuck to tea which includes a small amount of caffeine but nothing significant. I absolutely love Starbuck's green tea lattes. Delicious.
2. Stay within my calorie range via It's the way the weight started going down and it needs to continue.     I did a much better job than previous months but the visit to Kentucky was all about the fun and less about the counting calories. Back on point now though and have a month to reach my goal.
3. No more free work food. I can participate in the initial lunch potluck but no treats after the end of that lunch hour.     Yes, I did this! It was actually something that I relied on heavily through a St. Patrick's Day Potluck, free event food, and even orientation freebies.
4. Workout three times per week. Ehh...I did return to the gym!
5. In bed by 11pm every night and up at 6:30am on weekdays.     March was not the time for me to start the caffeine or go to bed by 11pm goals. Now that my classwork is over and I have graduation to look forward to, I can set a consistent schedule and feel healthier. 

April Goals....Ready?
1. Finish graduate portfolio, present, and graduate. Done by April 12th, 20th, and 29th. Kind of in shock.
2. Sell/get rid of a majority of my clothes. I have a lot of clothes that are too big/baggy and I am just plain tired of most of my clothes. It was nice dressing up for the professional conference and feeling pulled together.
3. Turn 31. Oy. I wasn't scared of 30, actually I was very much done with my 20's all together, but 31 feels real.
4. Read three books. I have the time, I have the books.
5. Attend the gym or yoga and pilates classes a minimum of 3 times per week. Ideally, one hike would be included on the weekends.  Groupons and gym membership, you know, should help.


  1. Your goals sound great! I like the idea of minimizing your clothes. I recently did that too and it frees me up just to wear what I love and not feel weirdly obligated to wear things that are in my closet just because they're there.

    1. It is odd what we tend to hang on to even if we don't particularly like it! Glad that you were able to do that as well!