Sunday, December 23, 2012

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I am officially on break! Luckily enough, being in education means that you usually get a good week or more off for winter break. Since I won't be returning to work until the 2nd (OF 2013!), I have a few things I am really going to try and get done.

  • Lots of laundry
  • Catching up on Top Chef: Seattle 
  • Pretty myself up a bit (roots, shaggy hair, etc.) 
  • Get rid of all of the horrible, worn-out clothes in my closet
  • Make a serious budget and menu to implement for January

Maybe nothing terribly exciting but I want to come back to work with some clarity, rested, and eager to have a healthy, balanced life that includes both mental and physical health.

(Mini Rant/)One of the people that I work with asked me if I had any other exciting plans besides cats and TV. Yes, I was a little offended. I don't think they get the fact that I, quite literally, know no one in the entire state at the moment that I don't work with. Even with that, most people have gone home (out of state) over the break and it is not their responsibility to entertain me. The holidays are always a funky time to try and make friends or also invite people to celebrate them with you. I was blessed to have friends in Michigan that invited me to their homes over breaks (and I felt comfortable doing so) but there is always a funny line there. My goal for next year's holidays is to celebrate them with family! (/Mini Rant)

Some of my favorite things about the holidays are (usually) the general good cheer that people have and all of the movies and food! Earlier this week I broke into my mom's Christmas package because I recognized one of my favorites, danish butter cookies!

And yes, they were gone in about three days. So delicious! Mom also included some chocolate covered cherries---teeth hurt but totally worth it. Other must-haves this season are egg nog (which I need to go hunt down tomorrow), glazed ham, and sparkling apple cider! This year I am also including a corn casserole, sweet and sour brussel sprouts again, and delicious crescent rolls. Can you tell I'm excited for dinner? For breakfast, while I open my presents, I am going to make some cinnamon apple crescent rolls and a big mug of chai tea.

Here is the beautiful downtown Columbia Christmas tree on a rainy night:

Hope you all are excited to celebrate the holidays and open presents soon!

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