Monday, December 31, 2012

Update on Project Accomplish 2012 & Food Bucket List

Update on Project Accomplish 2012

  • Graduate with my master's degree in education leadership and complete my certificate in academic advising.
  • The career position. This is ultimately going to decide where I end up for the foreseeable future and where I will establish myself as a professional. This is also where I could potentially "set up shop" (ie. family, friends, community). (Kinda....still in the "waiting and seeing" mindset)
  • Continue traveling. (Kentucky, Check!) (South Carolina, Check!)
  • Cook one new savory dish each month, possibly working off of this ultimate food bucket list.(Have been cooking a lot more! Plan to keep it up through the next year)
  • Get my hair done professionally which does not include Great Clips, Super Cuts, or me in the bathroom with scissors and DIY box of dye. (Hair cut at the Paul Mitchell School on a regular basis!)
  •  Reach a healthy goal weight. For my height, I should be between 120-160 pounds. (Few minor set backs but plan to get back on track now that the holidays are over.)
  • Move into an intermediate level for yoga. I want to be able to do this pose, this post, this pose, and this pose without freakin' out.(Oh hell no.)
  • Complete a minimum of two 5Ks. One needs to be jogged or run. (One completed 4/15, Big House Big Heart in Ann Arbor) (Signed up for Color Me Radd in October but got a crazy flu and decided it was a bad idea to run when I couldn't breathe so well. Ya know.)
  • Run on the treadmill. (Done! It was only for a few minutes but felt great and I didn't even fall off. April 7th)
  • Minimum of one Zumba class.(Sad face)
  • Start dating? Start dating.  (Did actually do this! It was short lived because I let some asshat from the past interfere a bit but will renew my search once my head gets straight)
  • Get my teeth cleaned. (Scurrred. Will get before birthday in April)
  • Visit home at least once; planning for February. (Yes! Went home, great visit. February 24th)
  • Buy the perfect pair of black pants. (Bought a few but my favorite are actually a pair of skinny black pants with the look channeling Audrey Hepburn)

In hindsight, I accomplished a lot! I'm not where I want to be physically but I knew that would probably be the biggest challenge, especially with all of the changes that have happened this year. It's been a crazy long year!

Food Bucket List 

This was a list I HOPED to accomplish by my 31st birthday. Well, I turn 32 (egad!) in April so...I just use this list to remind myself that I need to be more creative in the kitchen.

  1. Chicken Makhani
  2. Macroons (flavors to be determined) (after seeing Jenna's video, I feel less intimidated!)
  3. Tamales (and possibly some horchata to go along with it)
  4. Stuffed Pork Loin
  5. Pie (crust and filling; flavor to be determined)
  6. Cinnamon Rolls (Yes! I made the Pioneer Woman's recipe and they were amazing! 12/31/10)
  7. Souffle (sweet or savory, not sure which yet)
  8. Manicotti (Spinach and Artichoke Stuffed Manicotti 12/6/2010)
  9. Chicken Soup
  10. Stuffed Cupcake from Bake in a Cake (made crappy red velvet mini cupcakes from a mix and decided to put them into a known amazing chocolate cupcake recipe so they wouldn't go to waste. Each cupcake has the velvet center and cream cheese frosting on top with Valentine themed sprinkles and m&ms. Sugar overload would be an understatement. Let's ignore the fact that I also ate the frosting with a spoon. 2/13/2011)
  11. Baked Macaroni & Cheese Used the recipe from Two Peas & Their Pod. Delicious and pretty healthy! (1/1/2012)
  12. Fresh Pasta
  13. Meatballs (made turkey pesto ones with veggies and they turned out amazing! 12/15/12)
  14. Crab Cakes with Spicy Garlic Aioli
  15. Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (4/10/11, cheated a little on the cake but made the frosting from scratch!)
  16. Doughnuts  Made baked chocolate doughnuts with vanilla glaze and sprinkles. Nothing terribly fancy but they came out more like round brownies with holes than anything else. Next to try: apple cider doughnuts with cinnamon and sugar.
  17. Breaded Chicken Tenders (3/26/11 and it makes me want to be a vegetarian....I don't do raw meat well :)
  18. Muddy Buddies
  19. Chili (3/10/11 it was so delicious! I used a bunch of different recipes and also added in some quinoa which made it a much more thick chili.)
  20. A completely vegan meal (likely a recipe from Oh She Glows or Eat, Live, Run)
  21. Eggs Benedict (Hollandaise sauce and all; possibly with crab cakes ala Veritable Quandary in Portland)
  22. Homemade Pop Tarts
  23. Cheese Fondue
  24. Marshmallows (or this recipe)
  25. Veggie Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce
  26. Phad Thai or Pad See Ew (4/10/11, used a mix of three different recipes and added some delicious tofu as my protein, turned out well!)
  27. Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing (inspired by i am baker) (Made for Christmas)
  28. Egg Rolls
  29. Homemade Peanut Butter Cups (made pumpkin cups and I'm going to count that as close enough, they were awesome! 11/30/12)
  30. Pulled Pork Tacos
 Some of these I want to do when I get my crock pot back. Some of these I want to make for a crowd because either I can't or shouldn't be eating an entire batch of egg rolls or muddy buddies. I did get some awesome Christmas gifts that will make some of these recipes a lot easier now!

Do any of you have a foodie list? 
How did your goals for 2012 go?

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