Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pinterest Palooza: Christmas Crackers

I have always been fascinated and in love with the idea of Christmas crackers. Wiki says:

Christmas crackers or bon-bons are an integral part of Christmas celebrations in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa, as well as the United States of America to a lesser degree. They are also popular in Ireland. A cracker consists of a cardboard tube wrapped in a brightly decorated twist of paper, making it resemble an oversized sweet-wrapper. The cracker is pulled by two people, and, much in the manner of a wishbone, the cracker splits unevenly. The split is accompanied by a small bang or snapping sound. 

Crackers are typically pulled at the Christmas dinner table or at parties. Typically these contents are a coloured paper hat or crown; a small toy, small plastic model or other trinket and a motto, a joke, a riddle or piece of trivia on a small strip of paper. 

So with the loveliness that is Pinterest, I kept seeing homemade examples of how to make your own Christmas crackers and with various ideas of how to fill them. Here are some awesome ideas and links if you want to try yourself!

And here is a different take on constructing a cracker from MinieCo:

Armed with mounds of tissue paper, a small collection of toilet paper rolls, and random toys and candy from the Christmas isle, I went to assembling! These are so great because the materials can be cheap or expensive and you can customize them for any event. These would be really cute wedding or birthday party favors.

TIP: Make sure to use the toilet paper rolls to support both the main area that is filled with treats and to shape the ends. They look amazing when done!

Ta da! The finished product. These were actually very fun and calming to make. Bonus: recycling!! Inside are jokes, paper crowns, candy, and little toy surprises. If you can't tell, I was thoroughly excited that these came out so cute and sweet.

Some hilariously corny jokes that just may be included in some lucky recipient's cracker:

What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck? A Christmas Quacker
What's a child's favorite king at Christmas? A Stocking
What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations? Tinselitus

Have you made anything lately from Pinterest? How did it turn out? 

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