Monday, November 1, 2010

25 Days of The Little Things

Hopefully this goes better than that 30 Days of About Me questions (although I did make it to Day 27).

I have been getting bogged down with a lot of stuff over the past few months. I feel like I have had boulders thrown at me and when that happens, it gets hard to see some of the amazing little things that I should be thankful for. This post from Savvy Eats that stemmed from Grey Matter Life was the perfect inspiration for me to start November off right. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I hope to post a little something or somethings each day that I am grateful for. I will miss some days. I will have trouble thinking of things other days.

But placing a few glowing lights of goodness in my life will be fun! And it will be an excellent way to get into the holiday cheer as the year winds down.

No pictures today but:

I am thankful for the internet connection that allows me do to homework, budget, keep in touch with friends, and procrastinate like a mofo.


  1. I thought it was a great way to consistently remind myself that things are good even when I am stressed out!