Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pay It Forward

After browsing on Design*Sponge, I found this amazing post of little ways to pay it forward this holiday (and everyday) season.

Here is a link to Small Measures with Ashley: Pay It Forward.


  1. Love this! Ez and I went and bought a bag of food tonight to take to church for people who need it. He picked out a lot of interesting things-brownie mix, cookie mix, muffin mixes, noodles, risotto, Spaghetti O's, cans of vegetables:) He is not getting the whole concept of people not having food/toys. He still thinks people can just go buy what they need. Eventually he will get it. Thinking I want to somehow make this more practical to him, but haven't figured out how yet. You cannot really fast with a three year old:)

  2. He knows how to pick out some good things though!