Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ann Arbor Picture Post

I finally got a good opportunity to explore a little piece of Ann Arbor over the weekend. I knew I wanted to make it to the farmer's market but once I was out and about, I just kept wanting to walk some more! It was cold so a hot beverage was a must. And donuts.

Blueberry Donut
Apple Donut

I stopped by Zingerman's, an institution in Ann Arbor, for a quick snack and something warm to drink. A roasted garlic bagel with cream cheese and a cafe latte was perfect. The cute man behind the bread counter that chatted with me for a few minutes didn't hurt a bit!

 I ended up walking down to the Fourth and Fifth Street areas where there are little shops and restaurants. It was a gorgeous day!

And one more for the road...

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