Monday, November 22, 2010

Doggy Sitting

I took a job for the Thanksgiving holiday to doggy sit four dogs at a house about an hour away from my place. It is near Big Wolf Lake (I can see it from the backyard) and kind of out in the middle of nowhere. The closest "big" town is Jackson which I drove through today. It is gorgeous! Kind of old school but they also have all the shopping there yet are lacking a Chase Bank. Grrr. That is an area of frustration for me. Moving on.

The dogs are pretty adorable even when they jump up on me with muddy paws or beg for more attention. One of the dogs caught and ATE a tiny mouse outside. I just about hurled. Ew. I wasn't sure what I was more grossed out by: eating the mouse, the tiny mouse suffering, the sight of the mouse in the dog's mouth, or just the entire situation. Besides that, things have been mighty lovely and low-key so far.

On my excursion today, I went to grab some Thanksgiving essentials just in case I end up staying in that day. Don't tell anyone though since apparently it is very, very inappropriate for me to be on my own for Thanksgiving.  I am okay with it but I was invited to a pretty awesome place if I can make it over there. Storms, low temperatures and potential snow make me mighty nervous. That will be a see-what-happens kind of situation.

The house is exactly what I would like to have. Nothing fancy, amazing furniture, and a great layout. Will take pictures later on since I need future points of reference for how I want to decorate my place.

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  1. About a month ago I found a dead mouse on our front porch. I was freaking out and screamed when I saw it. In the process of moving it I was screaming and freaking out I saw the neighbor cat watching me. Pretty sure the kitty brought it for me. Why? Not sure but I was pretty grossed out.