Thursday, November 25, 2010

25 Days of The Little Things

It is Thanksgiving! I have completed my 25 days and found much more than 25 little things to be thankful for. It is all about the little things, right?

A few more for the road....

  • Turkey, cranberry and cream cheese sandwiches.
  • Pre-made mini graham cracker crusts.
  • All-day TV marathons that continue throughout the weekend.
  • Foggy day.
  • Organizations like ASPCA that help animals.
  • Living simply and enjoying it. 
  • Google page today.
I wonder if there will be a Christmas challenge? I know it won't be 25 days of cookies or presents, that is for sure. Maybe each week will be a different cookie/treat that I can take to my office. If my Black Friday excursion (weather-permitting) is successful tomorrow, I will have proper tools for making said treats! Thankfulness is year round so I hope we all continue to think about how lucky we are even when we don't have much. 

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