Saturday, November 6, 2010

25 Days of The Little Things

Is it okay if these are ridiculous?

  • Free bagels and cream cheese at the Friday staff meetings. Despite the fact that I woke up 10 minutes before said meeting began, those amazing bagels held me through the morning. 

  • My favorite pants from Target. I bought these denim, pin-stripped trousers on clearance about a year ago and they are absolutely my favorite thing in my closet. They make my butt look mighty nice.

  • Pepsi Max. Caffeine. It helped me get through my last year of undergrad AND today. 

  • Getting my car loan bill and realizing that by the end of this year, I won't be getting it anymore! I can see the end! 

And on a "the BIG things" note:

  • I love knowing the people that are there for me and making a place in my heart for all the new people I have met. 

Tomorrow: Pictures perhaps? Farm fresh veggies? Will April actually find a coffee table or a dining room chair for little to no money? Oh, the intrigue!

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