Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Not Sunny but Good

  • I like bullet-points. I like pictures even more but you get what you get when I am blogging from work.
  • I have set up my winter term work schedule which is pretty fantastic. 
  • I can't wait for snow. I am pretty sure this is because of my complete naivety of impending snowdom. 
  • My nails are finally prettified and I feel much more put together now.
  • Tomorrow I am going to get a frosty from Wendy's for lunch. I am meeting with some friends and it is what soothes the soul. 
  • Still missing proper footage on the shoe front. I just can't seem to win! I bought two pairs of shoes last week and I only kind of like 1 of them. The other one is a little tight. I am going to soon be one of those people wearing the Ugg-like boots. They are so damn comfortable!
  • I rearranged my living room so that it feels more homey. I think things will be pulled together when I get some kitchen chairs/stools and perhaps a rug or two.
  • Christmas decorations might happen soon too!
  • And.....I am getting a microwave tomorrow from a good friend. She is letting me borrow it until I can get one later on next year. 
I am just a little ball of excitement today for some crazy reason.
  • And I have an interview for an internship! 


  1. Ride that excitement while you have it! :)

  2. Oh I totally am! It is some random high right now so I will take it for all its worth.